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Ready for a showstopper? Meet our Australian Wagyu Tomahawk Steak, sporting a Beef Marbling Score (BMS) of 4-5. This means it's got a good amount of marbling - those little lines of fat running through the meat, making it juicy and full of flavor.

The Tomahawk is like the superstar of steaks – it's big, bold, and has a long bone sticking out, making it look like a tomahawk axe (hence the name). It's not just impressive to look at; it's also incredibly tasty. This cut comes from the rib area, and it's known for being super tender and flavorful. With a score of 4-5, this Wagyu Tomahawk offers a great balance of meaty taste and tenderness without being overly fatty.

Cooking this big guy is fun and a bit of an event – it's perfect for grilling and sharing. When you cook it, the fat melts into the meat, giving you a steak that's rich, tender, and packed with flavor. It's a great choice for BBQs, family dinners, or anytime you want to impress your guests with something special.

Whether you're a steak lover or trying something new, our Australian Wagyu Tomahawk is sure to be a hit. Slice it up and enjoy the rich flavors and tender meat that make every bite a memorable one. Get ready for a steak experience that's as much about the eating as it is about the spectacle!

2.25 lb
2.20 - 2.30 Lbs

Raw beef weight per serving +++

The recommended raw beef weight per serving for adults can vary based on individual preferences and dietary needs. However, the following table is a good approximation.

Male: 12-14oz (340-400g)
Female: 10-12oz (280-340g)

5-7oz (140-200g)

The amount of weight that raw beef loses when cooked can vary depending on factors such as the cut of meat, cooking method, and desired level of doneness. On average, beef can lose anywhere from 20% to 25% of its weight during cooking. This loss primarily consists of moisture and fat that evaporates or renders out as the meat cooks.

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I’ve used campo meats for large orders over the years.
Everything they have is outstanding. Especially the Argentine ribeye is to die for.
Everyone working there is great ans well and they’ve always gone out of their way to help get what I’m looking for.
Kate Fenneman
NO better place to buy meat. We’ve been purchasing from Campo Meat for months and we’ve never been disappointed. Not to mention that everyone working there are extremely kind! Great vibes, amazing service, and of course: phenomenal meat!
Carmela Ponce
I've bought meat at about 5 of the local Miami spots, Campo Meat is by far the best. The place is impeccable, the attention super professional, and the selection, wow.
Guille Cabrera
Love buying our meats here! Customer service is always on point and the employees are very knowledgeable. Recommend!!!
Julissa Angely Robles
The service is excellent, the meat is of great quality! Love coming to this store every time.
Kathryn Edwards
Looking for great assortment of super-fresh, top quality meats?
Check out Campo Meat. You can feel the tenderness through the packaging.
Shahveer Dhatigara
this guy Federico even gave me his grilling secret for a perfect Tomahack... super clean, great meat, superb stock from over the world including USDA Prime
Gustavo Medina
Amazing service. This place has a great selection of meats, waygu, prime, whatever you need! Do your self a favor and next time you want to throw something on the grill, drop by. They will provide great recommendations as they are extremely knowledgeable.
Jason Yeber
Best variety and quality of international select meat.
Emanuel Nazon
Ive driven by this place for two years and finally stopped in. The staff could not be more helpful and knowledgeable about their meats.
Tom Kanaplue
I enjoy going to Campo Meat especially when we have a bbq planned. All the meats are pre-cut and stored in different fridges separated by country of origin and type of meats.
Helene Calini
Best meat store in soflo. I love the Argentinian ribeyes. And they deliver! 🙏🏽
Jonathan Tobin


Our premium-quality meats are thoughtfully packaged for safety, and seamlessly delivered to your doorstep in a insulated box. Our specially designed boxes ensure that your meat is maintained within the optimal temperature range, employing dry ice. For deliveries within a 30-mile radius of our store, your meat arrives fresh. For orders exceeding this distance, the meat is delivered in its frozen state, guaranteeing its quality upon arrival.


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